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03-27-2009, 08:00 AM
Hello, I have 2004 BMW 545i and here is my story: The car has a blank screen in the screen and I don't know what happened. It is just blank so I went to Calgary BMW to ask that issue initially they told me it takes 1 hour to check the problem so I booked the appointment. In the day of the appointment, I dropped the car then went to my work. Few hours later they called me they need 1 more hour.... I felt ripped off I already knew it. Why the hell they need more hours after to run the diagnostics with a very own BMW computer that should tell the problem in less of 1 hour. I told them 1 more hour and no more then they called me again. the problem is found and it is the ccc module and quoted me the replacement and labour would cost approximately $2100 or even more they said. I told them I can't pay it for now so I went there to pick the car up. I asked them for the part number of the CCC module in which they refused. is that normal?. They are screwed leaving a customer who won't come there anymore!. I left after paying $270 for the diagnostics (what a wasteful!!)

Then I went to research all BMW forums and many members gave me many contacts in special with http://www.bmwofnewport.com/ a dealer based in RI (Rhode Island), US. I contacted them and a guy named Gary helped incredible alots and gave me all the info also quoted me the price of the part for us$620. Also gave me a DIY document but he warned me a programming for CCC is required and he is wishing to do it for my car but it is in RI!!!! So I am stuck and they recommend to do any BMW dealer! But I am afraid with our Calgary dealers.

Maybe you can help me to find anyone to program CCC ? Any independent BMW shop? Thoughts?

03-27-2009, 08:49 AM
You best bet is a roadtrip to the US if you don't want to deal with the BMW dealers here.