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10-18-2003, 08:46 PM
anyone know the limits as to what I can and can't host on my u of c webdisk ???

I have not found a rule anywhere saying that I can't host a like 30mb video and have a few gigs worth of dl's each day...is there a rule against this or not?

basically I just want to use my space on webdisk to setup a webpage and host some vids

any more info regarding bandwith limits etc..would be appreciated


D'z Nutz
10-18-2003, 09:20 PM

Keep in mind you only have 50mb of space for your WebDisk account. The only way you'd get a quota increase is if you had a legitimate reason for it, like if it was part of a course project, but there's the likelihood that you'd need written approval from your prof. IT *might* have a problem with you hosting a 30mb video file, especially if everyone's downloading from it excessively, however we've had lots of instances when people have stored large files for research materials, presentations and such.

Also, remember you have webspace reserved for you on the AIX server.

Depending on when you started at the U of C, you may have 10mb of space, or you may have 2mb of space. If you're not sure, you can go to this site to check out how much disk space you have:

Technically it's supposed to be used for academic purposes, but I think it'll only become a problem if you start hosting mp3's, porn, copywritten software, etc... They do keep track of the amount of bandwidth usage, so it probably isn't going to be a good idea to host a 30mb file.

10-18-2003, 09:44 PM

now...to only get this damn webdisk client app working from home..stupid thing won't let me put my files on there...when I connect to their server it always just shows an empty directory and I cannot copy/paste files into that folder. I went through their whole instruction thing and I know that everything I have put into the fields is right (ie..put my username wherever it says ~<username>)

any ideas?

thx again for the info