View Full Version : FREE: HP Docking stations for older laptops

05-04-2009, 02:07 PM
I have a few docking stations free for pickup. No power cables included as you can just use the laptop charger to run them.

2 x Model: CRVSA-02T1-PR Series B
Compatable with: NX9000, NX9010

3 x Model: PR1006
Compatable with: N600C, N610C, N800C

1 x Model: PR1001
Compatable with:
Compaq Presario 1000 series (X1000)
Presario 1000 series (X1000)
Presario 1500 series (X1500)
Presario 2800 series (X2800)
Presario 2800CA
Presario 2800T
Presario 2800US
Presario 2801CL
Presario 2805US
Pavilion zt3000
Evo N610 Evo n610c
Evo n800
Evo n800c
Evo n800v
Evo n1000c
Evo n1000v
Evo n1000
Evo nc4000
Evo nc4010
Evo nc5000
Evo nx5000
Evo nc6000
Evo nc8000
Evo nw8000

Location: Downtown or Panorama Hills.
Price: FREE!!!

*NOTE* I will give each person one or two max unless you can prove to my satisfaction that you can use ALL of these docking stations. I just don't want them ending up on Kijiji for sale when someone else can use them.

05-04-2009, 06:24 PM
Dang no Quickdocks in there eh?