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07-01-2009, 01:17 AM
hey guys im looking to swap a b20b into my ek can someone plzz
tell me what list of items i need also mine is a 98 coupe with obdII
so what ecu will be just direct plug and play with no modification needed? also any other info or things i have to worry about for this swap?

07-01-2009, 10:48 AM
Go on Hondatech and search, you'll find what you need.

07-25-2009, 11:02 PM
From Honda Tech

Parts List for a '99 B20Z engine into a '96 Honda Civic CX

'99-00 B20Z from a Honda CRV

Make sure you get the wiring harness with your engine. You will need some plugs off of this harness to use on your stock civic harness, especially if you°«re using an OBDIIb engine/car with an OBDIIa car/engine. Also check all sensors and make sure they are not visibly broken.

'97-00 CRV
Will also need the alternator belt, and the 2 mounting bolts if your engine does not include the alternator.

°«94-00 Acura Integra LS
Will also need the 2 mounting bolts for this. Your CRV starter will not work with the B-series manual transmission. It is too long and does not meet flush with the transmission casing.

Intake tube:
°«96-00 Integra LS/Type R, °«99-00 Civic Si(R)
Keep in mind the Civic intake tubes has a hole for the IAT that will need to be plugged. Right now we are using a °«92 Civic Si intake tube which also works but needs to be stretched over the throttle body. It is most likely a restricton and will soon have an AEM Cold-Air intake for a Type R in its place.

Intake Manifold:
°«96-00 Acura Integra LS
Save yourself some headaches and try to get a complete manifold that includes the LS throttle body, injectors, fuel rail, and fuel pressure regulator.

The B20 throttle body can work if you do one of 2 things:
1. Switch the throttle plate spring and throttle cable mounting bracket with that from an LS throttle body, so that the throttle cable pulls towards the driver°«s side. You will also need a °«96-00 Integra LS throttle cable bracket if one is not already included on the manifold.
2. Use the B20 throttle cable bracket and re-route the throttle cable so that it pulls towards the passenger side.

We used a °«96-00 Integra LS throttle cable. We tried one from a °«92 Civic Si and one from a °«99-00 Civic Si(R) and we could not get them to work very well.

The B20 fuel rail will not mount to the LS intake manifold. The mounting holes are offset on the B20 rail, whereas the LS mounting holes are evenly spaced.

The B20 fuel pressure regulator mounting holes are offset, so it will not work on the LS fuel rail.

The B20 injectors will not work with the LS fuel rail, as far as I know. They may be too short and not make a good seal with the intake manifold.

You may wish to use a new °«97-00 CRV or °«96-00 Integra intake manifold gasket. The old gasket may be stuck to the head and will need to be scraped off using a razor blade.

You may need O-rings/spacers for the injectors, fuel pressure regulator if they are in poor condition.

You will need an EVAP purge solenoid valve from a °«96-00 LS integra, as well as an IAT sensor. The ones from the B20 will not plug in correctly. The stock °«96-00 Civic IAT plugs into the intake tube, the LS screws onto the intake manifold runners, so your stock one will also not work.

Exhaust Manifold:
°«99-00 Civic SiR, °«94-00 Integra, del-Sol VTEC
We used a 99-00 Civic SiR exhaust manifold and it bolted up perfectly to our exhaust but only because the car previously had a °«92 Si engine in it, which has the more common style manifold. The °«96-00 Civic CX, DX, LX have an exhaust which stretches further toward the engine than the SOHC VTEC and B-series cars. You may need some modification to your existing exhaust system if this is the case.

It°«s a good idea to pick up a °«97-00 CRV or °«96-00 Integra LS exhaust manifold gasket. Don°«t forget there are 3 bolts which hold the 2 piece exhaust manifold together. There are 2 circular gaskets and 3 bolts that fit between the 2 sections of the exhaust manifold that you may need if your manifold is in pieces.

We used the stock catalytic convertor but you may wish to pick up a new B-series catalytic convertor if your stock cat has high mileage. You will need a new donut gasket either way, and possibly the mounting bolts/springs.

°«99-00 Civic Si(R) rear mount bracket
°«94-00 Integra LS/GSR/Type R front transmission mount bracket
°«96-00 CRV, del-Sol VTEC driver°«s side front lower engine mount bracket
It°«s also been stated for B-series swaps into 96+ Civics that you need a °«99-00 Civic Si(R) timing belt mount bracket. This is true since most B-series swaps are from Integras which have a different mount at this point. However, as we discovered the stock CRV timing belt mount bracket is nearly identical to the Si(R) one, since the CRV and Civic have similar engine bays. So for °«96-00 Honda Civics you can reuse this CRV bracket and save yourself $80-$100.

The front lower driver°«s side torque mount bracket that comes with your CRV engine must be used as well. I°«m pretty sure this mount will also allow you to keep your A/C if you so desire. The del-Sol VTEC bracket is also nearly identical to the CRV one.

Reuse all other civic mounts and studs. Just replace the above brackets.

°«96-00 OBDII LS ecu P75
°«94-95 OBDI LS ecu P74/P75 w/ conversion harness

Using the OBDI ecu will allow for better tuning, but for basic setups stick with an OBDII ecu. Conversion harnesses can be expensive for what they are and OBDII ecus are more plentiful and usually much cheaper.

Any B-series hydraulic transmission:

Civic Si(R) 4.40 final drive
del-Sol VTEC 4.40 final drive
Integra LS 4.26 final drive
Integra GS-R 4.40 final drive
USDM Integra Type R/pre °«98 JDM/UKDM Integra Type R 4.40 final drive /w LSD
°∆98+ JDM/UKDM Integra Type R 4.785 final drive w/ LSD

You will need the transmission mounting bolts, and if it is not included the clutch fork, clutch fork pivot bolt, and clutch fork release spring. You can reuse your stock clutch fork rubber boot. Also check the state of the rubber transmission seals where the axle and intermediate shaft are inserted. Replace if worn. Use your stock Vehicle Speed Sensor if the one from the transmission is missing.

Clutch/Pressure Plate:
Any B-series

Civic Si(R)
Del-Sol VTEC
Integra LS/GS-R/Type R

Note that the Integra Type R clutch has a bit more clamping force than the other B-series clutches. It°«s a good alternative to an expensive aftermarket unit. Please not that you will also need the clutch/pressure plate mounting bolts and an alignment tool.

Any B-series

Civic Si(R)
Del-Sol VTEC
Integra LS/GS-R/Type R

The USDM Integra Type R flywheel is 15 lbs, the JDM version I think is 12 lbs. All other B-series flywheels are 18 lbs. If you buy a used flywheel be sure and get that flywheel resurfaced. Also you will need B-series manual transmission flywheel mounting bolts. Most CRVs are automatic and those AT bolts are too short. Don°«t forget to get rid of the CRV flexplate which is not needed.

Axles/Intermediate Shaft:
94+ Integra, °«99-00 Civic Si(R), del-Sol VTEC
90-93 Integra

Either get the 94+ axles/intermediate shaft or the °«90-93 axles/intermediate shaft.
Mixing °«90-93 axle/intermediate shaft with its °«94-00 counterpart will not work.
You may want to replace the axle and intermediate shaft set rings if they are damaged. You can use ABS or Non-ABS axles if you do not have ABS in your car.

Shift Linkage:
°«99-00 Civic Si(R), °«94-00 Integra LS/GS-R/Type R

Reuse all bolts and the dowel pin (AKA bitch pin) at this location. You may need to purchase the shift linkage mounting bolt/washers/bushings if you are missing them.


Just some things that would be good to have on hand or are required.

· 3 quarts of Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (3 bottles).
· At least 4L of engine coolant, probably more.
· 4L of 5W30 engine oil.
· Genuine Honda oil filter and drain plug/washer.
· Genuine Honda fuel filter.
· Upgraded fuel pump and adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge. B20s tend to run a little lean so these upgrades will help provide more fuel.
· Honda del-Sol VTEC dual-core radiator (direct bolt in), Honda Civic A/T dual-core radiator (direct bolt-in), or an Integra radiator (needs mount modification) for better cooling. A lot of people do fine with the stock civic radiator and others have needed a bigger one. It might be a good investment down the road.
· New Genuine Honda CRV timing belt. Inspect your engine°«s timing belt before install and replace if necessary.
· Spark plugs/wires. Replace if signs of wear or if engine has high mileage.
· Penetrating oil for rusty bolts.