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07-04-2009, 01:33 AM
Seeing as this part of the forum has the most supplement knowledge, I thought that this would fit best here.

Well, I decided to see a doc/dietician today to talk about my exercise vs fat loss and how I am definitely getting fitter UNDER the flab, but the flab is still staying on me. Had a good long chat about natural (as I'm trying) vs supplement enhanced (which is an option). He also mentioned that, since I mentioned that every male in my family (including my uncles, cousins, etc) has some form of flab, it may be a genetic/hereditary thing and may only be lost with supplementation. My diet is good according to him.

The doc suggested that, if I am interested in pure fat loss (ie no supplements to muscles, bulking, etc) only, a good supplement to look into is Calcium Pyruvate. He did mention that it increases metabolism and must be taken around meals, and that it causes the absolute raging shits. He also mentioned that it is very safe to stop suddenly if I feel uncomfortable about it.

I am still bike riding/jogging/working out every day (with spaced rest days, of course). It's just that the flab is still there (in some instances, I think it's even increasing o_O)

So, the whole point of this post is to get viewpoints of beyond users. So please, do tell me your thoughts on Calcium Pyruvite :thumbsup:

07-04-2009, 03:31 PM
Before you take any fat burners to try to eliminate flab...I have a question for you first. How is your diet like in terms of a carb:protein:fat ratio?

If you want to lose fat, you may find that doing something called a ketogenic diet or carb cycling is best (search the forumm). Basically...all you eat is protein and a good amount of healthy fats to keep hormone levels healthy. Then two "cheat" days a week, you eat alot of carbs. All while on a calorie deficit.

This is the best way to be cut...although expensive. You can take all the fat burners you want...and may find that you're just turning into a smaller version of yourself because your body will eat your muscles and fat...not JUST the fat.

07-04-2009, 03:51 PM
the raging shits sound interesting...
adult diapers?

07-04-2009, 03:53 PM
I'm at 40/40/20 (non saturated) for the ratio, as far as I've been able to track. Keeping sodium low is a challenge... I now read the nutritional information on stuff, and my GAWD there's a lot of sodium out there. I'm sticking to low sodium stuff, but not eliminating it at all, because the body DOES need sodium.

We calculated that I'm averaging 2300-2500 calories burnt per day, and I've been aiming my diet at 2000 calories a day, so it's in the deficit range.

My routine is usually 1-4 hours biking or 1 hour jogging (either in the park at the end of my road, or in the middle of my bike ride at the stairwell along the bow bike trail (McHugh bluff)), followed with a 15 minute break to hydrate, then into body weight exercises (lunges, pushups, situps, etc). I can really feel myself getting fitter and stronger under it all, it's just my fat is not being burnt off. I've gone from 250 lbs to 230lbs and am now stuck there (I think mostly from gaining muscle vs burning fat) after about 3 months of this.

My goal, really, is not to become some beast of a man... I just want to reduce my body fat to healthy levels so I can go through basic training with the Military without having my flab dragging me down.