View Full Version : need stuff gone asap

07-22-2009, 08:07 PM
heres what i still got cooking.
-Jdm digital climate control-200
-Minty GTR Seat-200
-Work Rvver Wheels 16"-550
-Aftermarket Steering HUB-70
-Rhd conversion-inquire on pricing-willing to part out depending
-Steering rack-150
-Silvia s13 conversion-520
-Bumper support Cut for intercooler-30
-slave cylinders-offer
-door interior Panels-100 for both **MINTY**
-jap crap full exhaust-100
-Doors w/power wind.switches.and windows-100 each
-Power folding mirrors-80 for both
-Orgin Tail lights-150
-rear body kit bumper-SOLD
-Headliner MINTY-20
-Carpet grey no stains-20
-Gtr floor mats-55
-Spare tire-50
-Blown sr20det redtop almost complete-300
-stock sr cams/w gears-60
-used pistons and rod-30(3only other went threw block)