View Full Version : Looking for replacement balcony door

08-17-2009, 01:04 PM
I've got a set of inward swinging doors that lead to a little juilet balcony in one of the bedrooms in my house. The bedroom doesn't have a window in it, and opening the door is the only option for ventalation. I'd like to replace one or both of the doors with ones that have windows that open. Due to the small size of the balcony, there isn't room for a storm door.

Current doors are similar to these:

Has anyone ever seen a door like this with an openable window?

I could just go with a phantom screen outside the door and leave the door open when i want ventallation, but that's less than ideal if it's windy, or raining.

08-17-2009, 10:09 PM
Yes. You can order a 'vented garden door' as a replacement, the unit will look like a french door set, only it has one fixed panel that can be opened with a handle to ventilate (like a casement window), and is covered with a full length screen, the other portion of the door swings open normally.

Very nice option... you can get fresh air without having the doors open.

Depending on the age, make & model of the door set you currently have, you might be able to find the parts (hinges & handles) to make it a vented garden door instead... though you'd need a screen too.

At any rate, you can order these through any of the major window & door companies.... perhaps even Rona, Home Depot, etc as well.