View Full Version : The Elegant Universe (String Theory)... amazing video!

11-15-2003, 04:44 PM
Einstein's theories, String theory, parallel universes and a whole bunch of other theories covered for the average person with great computer animations.

Take 3 hours out of your day and enjoy ;)


11-15-2003, 05:38 PM
They did a good job of making it more interesting than physics class. Kinda cool to learn.

11-15-2003, 06:13 PM
If you're interested in stuff like this, take the time and pick up any of Stephen Hawkings books. The material is presented in a very interesting manner, with lots of visual aids to help wrap your head around the concepts. Worth the read. Have to check that show out.

11-15-2003, 06:20 PM
hrmz.....I wanna watch it, but it's giving me nothing but javascript errors....

11-15-2003, 06:20 PM
Didn't know they have a tv series on it, I got the book but haven't finished it yet!

11-15-2003, 06:50 PM
Yeah, The Elegant Universe was on Nova on PBS (channel 14) a while ago, watched both of the episodes. Very interesting stuff, I also got Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time, and recently I purchased a nice Astronomy book (it's pretty sweet but somewhat more advanced than I expected). This sort of stuff is really amazing if you're interested in that sort of thing.
Here's some interesting websites, but keep in mind, some of them are REALLY advanced, and you need a strong math and physics background:
http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/science/advanced_science.html (this one is easier to understand)

Hope some of you find some of these links interesting, if you've got any other good ones, post them, I wanna check them out.

D'z Nutz
11-15-2003, 06:59 PM
Very cool indeed! I'm going to have to bookmark this and watch it when I get a chance :thumbsup:

11-15-2003, 09:14 PM
Haven't seen the video yet, but is it Kaku? I saw a segment on him on TechTv, pretty cool stuff.. Hopefully all the work he's put into this theory actually turns out to be something useful.. like he says "This theory could be something we live on for the rest of our lives, or it could be a theory that means absolutely nothing."

11-16-2003, 01:47 AM
very good post

11-16-2003, 11:26 AM