View Full Version : FS: 85-86 87-93 Mustang 17" PONY "R" Wheels Rims 4-Lug T-Bird

12-14-2009, 10:12 AM
I have a set of four 17"x8" 4-lug Mavromont Industries Pony R wheels for sale. These are the exact same style as the factory Pony wheels that came on the 91-93 Mustang BUT they are 17", NOT 16". These are an aftermarket wheel designed to maintain the stock sleeper appearance, while raising eyebrows becuase something just looks different! They are awesome wheels and I would have used them but I already have a set of drag lites, and ROH's for my Mustang. I aquired them through a trade for a nitrous kit, and just never got around to using them :(

Two of the rims have slight chipping right around the edge (pics 2&3), they were improperly packaged during shipping. It really would not be that noticable once your tires were mounted. The other two are like new(pics 4&5). They also come with the center caps! These caps go for about $50-70usd on Ebay! The wheels are $127usd/ ea NEW + shipping. Thats $508usd + $150ship from Mavromont for a total of $658usd. Im selling for $500 cad.

These will fit the 85-93 Mustang(4-lug), and they will also fit some thunderbirds. They have a 25.4mm offset, and a 5.5" backspacing. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

Here is the Pony R website: http://www.ponyr.com/

Call 403-808-0433 if interested. Thanks