View Full Version : FS: Stewart Warner 114919 Digital Shift Light

01-14-2010, 08:05 PM
Never installed and in the package as new.

Stewart Warner's original Ultra-Shift Light™ is an easy to install, digital tachometer with LED shift light alert.
Program shift alert point, vehicle PPR setting and retrieve peak recall reading and adjust LED brightness using the buttons on the rear of unit.
Normally does not require tach adapter although specific vehicles may require one.

* Combination LED shift light with digital tachometer.
* Peak RPM recall.
* 2 to 12 cylinder (1 to 6 PPR) engine applications up to 13,000 RPM.
* No plug-in pills or modules required.
* RPM settable in 10 RPM increments.
* Programmable via two push-buttons on rear of unit.
* Easy 3-wire installation (see PDF instructions on tab above).
* Turn off the digital RPM reading if desired.
* Adjustable LED brightness (3 levels).

114919 has blue LEDs.
Dimensions: 2.53" tall, 5.05" long, 1.62" wide (diameter of tube)
Includes: mounting hardware, installation/programming instructions and night cover.