View Full Version : Idea's for a new race series at Race City for this year.

01-22-2010, 06:09 PM
I've been asked by the CDRA to think about putting together some heads-up racing for this season(Yeah, I know, are we going to have a season? For the sake of this topic, we are just going to assume there will be a full race season here.)

It will be held on 6 or so Sat nights during June, July & Aug along side the normal bracket racing.
My ideas so far are:
True street cars ONLY!! plates & insurance mandatory, mufflers, lights, DOT tires, ect.
Set up classes along the lines of Power to the Pavement(see below), power adders, tire sizes, tubbed, ect.
We'll have 4-6 classes from stockers to insanity.

We run this for the first 4-5 weeks & drivers collect points depending on how far they make it through eliminations each week.
1st round looser gets one point, winner 3 points. 2nd round looser 2 points, winner gets 4. ect, ect.
For the last night, the top 8 or 12 or 16 point holders from each class come back & a true class champ is determined with prize money & trophies for 1st & 2nd.

This would mean that some of the truly fast cars would need to make more than 3-4 passes in a season to win, unlike what we have seen so often in past years.

What do you think?

Other ideas or suggestion?

This will be heads up ONLY, no brackets, no index just run what you brung.

Power to the Pavement rules( As a guideline only, we'll tweak these as needed)

Performance Adders:

* Supercharger Turbocharger
* Nitrous oxide
* Alcohol as main fuel
* All-wheel drive
* Soft Compound tires/slicks
o Up to 10.5" tread width(10.5" max on slicks/275 max drag radials) or any tire in stock wheel wells - 1 performance adder
o Over 10.5" tread width(including 10.5W slicks and over 275 drag radials), with wheel well modifications - 2 performance adders
Note : This will include widebody kits and rolled fender lips
Note : Vehicles without wheel wells will be considered to be tubbed if they are equipped with tires wider than 10.5"
* V-6 engine = 1 performance adder.
* V-8 engine or bigger = 2 performance adders.

No performance adders allowed (4 cylinder only)
1 performance adder allowed
2 performance adders allowed
3 performance adders allowed
4 performance adders allowed
Unlimited performance adders allowed