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01-26-2010, 12:34 AM
The Tire Warehouse Presents:

EDMONTON DRIVEN 2010 August 7 at the Mayfield Trade Centre. The FIRST POST will be updated latest info.

Some things to look forward to:

3 Zones:
- a New Night themed Hall, Lights off for those who prefer the HIN feel. This will be known as the Entertainment Zone
- a New performance themed Hall, Tech session's held by Subject Matter Experts, exhibitors displaying newest products and selling merchandise. This is the Performance Zone
- The outdoor lot will be used for additional space, a more grassroots area for people who just want to show off their rides but not pay for judging and trophies. We will not run out of space this year (apologies to those we turned away last year). This is the Meet Zone and is sponsored by 780Tuners.com

Registration will start in May for show cars. Car clubs and Exhibitors can reserve space now.

We look forward to hearing all your suggestions.

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Space will not be an issue this year. We are planning an outdoor "Meet Zone" For car clubs to meet. No judging but that means no min. requirements as well. So you can be lightly modified or under construction and still be ok.

Great opportunity for Car Clubs to have annual meets and get more exposure! Cost will be your Ticket to the show.

anyone interested? there is the MEET ZONE outside where your car entrance fee is your personal entrance fee.. no judging just a place for everyone to meet up like a weekly meet.. but bigger... there is already huge turn ups from the Edmonton guys and would like to extend a welcoming hand from you!


More info to come as they update...

trying to get the MR2's and as many Honda's up for a great time!