View Full Version : f/s FC3S complete turbo swap

02-17-2010, 01:25 AM
Hi there
I am currently parting my complete long block rebuilt motor, transmission, and stand alone ECU (microtech LT-10) for an fc3s.
The car is a original turbo 2 s4.

Motor history:
New motor only things used in the rebuild is the rotors from the s4 and e- shaft, and gears which was inspected for ware before use. The motor only had 120 000km and is original for my car when I rebuilt and was running fine, it was NOT BLOWN so parts were in fantastic shape.
Tested motor after rebuild and ran perfectly MOTOR HAS yet to be broken in only 5 test km on the rebuild to make sure that it runs which it does.

Motor build list:
new rotor housings
2 peice apex seals (racing beat)
ALL NEW mazda seals
laped S5 irons (non-ported)
all emission removed and blocked off
oil injection removed and blocked off
running premixed for cleaner burning lube
running larger injector both prim and secondary
s5 turbo and manifold
new water pump and housing
brand new Mazda clutch

Transmission is a turbo trans which is stronger then the non-turbo
and has different gearing, it shifts fantastic.

ECU was bought brand new and comes with a tune on the fly controler the wire harness has all the necessary plugs soldered and shrink tube. Asking price is 3500 OBO.

This is the cheepest drop in and go turbo swap you will find any where considering that almost everything is brand new.

email [email protected] or (403)966-0800