View Full Version : GAKIC + 100% Creatine Test

07-20-2010, 07:19 PM
For those who have not heard of GAKIC it will either change your life around (workout wise) or it will cost you a pretty penny and do nothing.
MuscleTech product which GNC obviously raves about has reviews all over the net. Either 5 stars or 1 star....people love it or hate it with a passion.
Claims to give immediate strength increases of 10+% as the fatigue toxin (ammonia) is neatralized by GAKIC allowing you to go harder and longer (couldnt help but laugh as that was typed).
Reg price is $85 and comes with 1 months supply (8 pills a day) 45 min prior to workout.
I used to use Xyience creatine and truly enjoyed it over NO-explode however i am out of Xyience and want to get away from those products and go to a 100% creatine mixed with some gatorade.
Im going to take my pills every second day and the creatine everyday. Ill be lifting on GAKIC days and just cardio on the days off.
Ive got pics just taken of before but am :banghead: on how quick my figure went to waste over a year. Im 5"11 and 180 lbs. Standard athletic build with a pre-mature beer belly and the very start of man tits.
Depending on how this goes after 45 days Ill post before and after and let everyone know my side of the controversial suppy GAKIC.

07-30-2010, 09:43 PM
I tried the 15 day pack, of the gakic, creatic, leukic when they had that all packaged up, had a nice guide on what to take, how many and what not.

I saw some good gains during the 15 day pack even, I felt a difference between taking that compared to other NO products. But yeah taking those together seems to be a pretty effective stack.

Only complaint about it was how many pills you have to take for the correct doses. I'm not much of a pill swallower so I didn't like having to take so many pills each day, so I stopped taking it.