View Full Version : motor recomendations

09-21-2010, 04:34 AM
I have a 97 hatch and the stock motor is rattling/knocking a slow death after it did an autox day w/o oil(ran out, didn't know, oops :cry: )

soo anyways my original plan was for either the B18C1, or attempt the B20... however seeing as how I do not have a garage, or complete mechanic's knowhow at my disposal I am affraid I'll have to get a shop to install it for me.

I live in Lethbridge soo I'm thinking I may have to buy local at a wrecker, but if anyone has any constructive suggestions as to which powerplant to use I'm open to suggestions.

BTW I do autocross the car, I had planned on trying to do a day at race city, however thats on hold. I don't drag race soo lightness and power is what I'm after.

budget is going to be small.

Thanks for any input and or help ;)