View Full Version : FS: First Gen AppleTV 40G + ATVFlash

11-30-2010, 09:13 PM
I have a first gen. AppleTV 40G for sale. This is the older white one. It was a refurb unit bought directly from Apple. I used it for about a year and it had no issues or problems at all. It was boxed up about 6 months ago after I built a dedicated HTPC.

This also comes with an older version of ATVFlash which allows you to install XBMC, Boxee and other programs on the AppleTV. You can just SSH into the box over the network once the ATVFlash is installed. I believe the version is 3.5.2.

There are a limited number of USB thumbdrives that allow the ATVFlash to be installed on the AppleTV and I'll include one of the approved (and confirmed working) thumbdrives with the sale.

I'd like to get $90 for this.

The only trades I'd consider are a small (40Gb or 60Gb) SSD drive. Prefer an Intel X25-V or similar.

Text me at 403-383-3251 or PM me here.