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12-05-2010, 08:04 PM
As the title states, looking for a fuel pressure regulator, whatever brand works. Universal/adjustable.

Thanks in advance guys!

12-05-2010, 09:23 PM
I recently purchased a BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator from Mopac for my car.....for around $68

12-05-2010, 09:52 PM
If it's for the sr20 and you plan on using the stock fuel rail look into a nismo fpr for sr20. If you get an aftermarket universal you will also need to get an adapter. I'm happ with my nismo. eBay it up

12-06-2010, 07:49 PM
With the BBK, what else was required for the install?

Im used to old school... In line, low pressure... Lol.

12-06-2010, 07:56 PM
Originally posted by Randomhero
With the BBK, what else was required for the install?

Im used to old school... In line, low pressure... Lol.

If you get a bbk and its a generic fpr, you will need an adptor. The sr20det rail uses a male o-ringed end that goes into the end of the fuel rail, its fairly unique. If you get the following one, its a one stop shop.


you can find them cheaper for sure, but thats just a picture example.

12-06-2010, 08:05 PM
I forgot to say im running a pretty much stock CA18, but the car has a walboro 255 so its overpowering the stock fpr. Ive got a lead on a nizmo one, but from what i can tell, i need a type b, as the type a's are sr/ka specific. Im hoping buddies is a type b, lol.

As for goin aftermarket, would mopac or jb's have an adapter? Lol, credit cards are spoken for thanks to xmas... Dammit.

Thanks so much for all your guys help!!

12-06-2010, 08:11 PM
They sell adaptors on ebay too for that...but i have a little diy you can try. I took my stock one, got a bit the size of the oriface on the oringed end, and drilled it out. Voila, it makes a pretty good adapator, flows fuel but no longer acts as a regulator. I would reccomend buying the adaptor due to the back yardiness of the other option tho haha. Aeromotive makes a cheap reg that you can get at mopac as well for around 180. The sr20det FPR i believe works on ka, sr, ca18det, and rb, altho you may have to bend the output of it a bit to clear shit, since the fpr is on the BACK of the ca18det rail. I dont envy you, i hated doing mine when i was a ca18det nut.

12-06-2010, 08:19 PM
Backyardiness is my middle name lol.

Yeah, the website i was checking out said the nismo was universal with slight modification for rear mount applications, but hell Ive shoehorned Rb's into s13's and 14's.... Cant be THAT much worse, i hope.

Got the car insured today and im getting antsy to take it out for the first time!!!

Thanks again man, your help is greatly appreciated!!!