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12-17-2010, 02:18 AM
The 2011 CSCC Snowcone challenge kicked of to a terrific start this year. With some of the top drivers not showing up to the opening event it left the field wide open for new drivers to come in and show there stuff. There were many rookies attending this event, and it was only a matter of time before they stepped up to show why they should be the winners this year. Rookie drivers came out in full force, taking away valuable points to some of last years leaders.

AWD is shaping up to be the battle to watch this year. With many AWD drivers completing the VEX Performance Rallycross school, the Rookies really showed that they ment business. taking the top 5 spots and earning valuable points has given them an advantage over novice drivers, including last years winner Johnny Summers, who was not in attendance at this event.
Wim V. a new driver in AWD showed he has the skill needed to put him on the top. With nearly a 4 second lead of combined times over second place, he drove his 1995 impreza STI RA to a perfect 1st place podium finish.
With Second and Third place being seperated by just half a second, Rookie driver Forest is showing that he has the will to win over 3rd place Mark L, who although not a rookie, has switched over to AWD. Keep an eye out on this battle. it will be a good one right to the end.

FWD came out in large numbers this year with many drivers seeking the number 1 spot. Last years Winner Martin B, came prepared to push for a second title, but was met with a challenge from VEX Performance driver Orrin M. Orrin came out in his prepared SRT4 and swept the FWD field as well as taking the fastest time of the day, an outstanding 91.543 seconds.
Taking nearly 5 seconds over second place, this year looks like it might be a land slide! But the battle behind first place might tell a different story, with Second to Fifth being separated by 3.5 seconds anything can happen!

RWD driver Gary L, showed once again that he is a dominating presence. Winning the opening event for RWD, he looks set on keeping his title for a second year. Driving a new car for this opening event Gary L looks like hes comfortable winning in any setting, driving the SPEC R rally prepared car to a solid 1st place podium finish.
SPEC R driver Kyle H appears to be hot on the heals of Gary L this year. keep a watch on RWD as this one looks like it will be a hard fight, right to the final event.

Event 2 is this Sunday (DEC. 19 2010). With the return of some of our top drivers that were missing in event one, and rookie drivers taking it to the next level you can be sure this years Rallycross is one you dont want to miss!

We would like to thank our sponsors SPEC R Tires, VEX Performance, and also thank Ian G. for the terrific photos.

12-17-2010, 11:57 AM
Will a cracked windshield pass tech?
How about studded tires?

12-18-2010, 10:42 AM
yes and yes.

what wont pass tech is loose or worn suspension (ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, etc) loose batteries, loose stuff in the interior. the car will go through tech in the morning and if something needs to be addressed it can be done then

a cracked windshield is no issues. and many of our drivers come with studded tires.

there is an event this sunday if you would like to come see.

its at race city in the south gravel lot


marc l

12-26-2010, 05:38 PM
Come out!! it's totally worth it. Great course last week, I'm looking forward to see what will happen Jan 2.