View Full Version : fs: s13 coupe parts car.

01-04-2011, 03:07 AM
I got a s13 coupe parts car I am parting out. was going to fix it up and use it for a drift bitch but found something better. if there is any part your looking for just pm or text me at and i will let you know if i got it.
also got
3" exaust with hks muffler, test pipe and o2 bung for wideband sensor. $300 obo.sold.
set ofcusco coilovers with camber plates. $300 obo.sold

01-06-2011, 11:25 PM
are the coilovers blown at all or all in good working condition with no leaks?

01-08-2011, 09:04 AM
Pm'd no reply yet.

01-08-2011, 05:46 PM
Called - Great seller. got the parts SUPER fast!

01-08-2011, 05:52 PM
is it lhd or Rhd??
if it rhd i need the centre console shifter surround

01-09-2011, 11:35 AM
Its a lhd

01-09-2011, 03:18 PM
what color is the shell ?
i need the trunk.
also i will take the armrest storage cover. ahaha i didnt know how to explain it . i hope you know what i mean. lol

01-09-2011, 03:48 PM
call him the car is black.

01-12-2011, 01:47 PM
If the cluster is analog [not digital] Ill take the cluster subharness.

01-12-2011, 09:16 PM
it is a digital cluster sorry.

01-29-2011, 11:58 AM
going to scrap what's left soon. If any one needs anything let me this week.

02-01-2011, 02:05 PM
i need both quarter panels! let me know how much for both sides?...providing no rust, or minimal rust...

btw, pm me back or ill never realise you replied:thumbsup:

02-01-2011, 02:43 PM
Do you have 3" turbo elbow and downpipe?

If you do PM please

02-01-2011, 10:13 PM
power steering pump with pulley and mounting bracket?

02-01-2011, 10:17 PM
I really need one of the rubber bumpstops that the hood rests on (the black rubber cylinder things, one on each side of the rad support).

Please let me know if you have one (both sides are the same).

02-02-2011, 11:38 AM
I have a few of those bump stops around and I have a pump and bracket around here somewere. just text me at 403 836 7202 and we can set something up

02-02-2011, 06:26 PM
pump is for hicas?

02-02-2011, 11:13 PM
are you looking for a sr or ka hicas pump

02-06-2011, 01:30 AM
Manual or power windows? If manual, I need the driver (left side) door pocket

Tram Common
02-06-2011, 03:30 AM
Brake booster? I need that if it's in working condition.

Is this even still available for parts?

02-06-2011, 04:28 PM
the brake booster is there and in working order. it has power windows so I dont think I can help. just text me at 403 836 7202 and we can set something up for the booster.

03-05-2011, 11:19 PM
still got this thing kicking around if any one needs anything let me know.

03-06-2011, 01:17 AM
give me the god damn glove box you whore

03-06-2011, 02:50 PM
just come and get it if you want it.

03-15-2011, 09:21 AM
Any chance the heater core/actuator coupe parts will fit my 91 180sx hatch? If so I need some badly. My actuator on the heating box is twitching like mad...