View Full Version : 2 Lamborghini Murcielago's in the city?

09-07-2002, 09:58 PM
I saw a Lambo downtown a couple weeks ago when I was eating at a restaurant on 17th a couple weeks ago. I was under the impression that that guy who owns the pawn shop and stuff owned it, his daughter was a friend of a friend and she's brown, so I'm assuming so is her father.

Then tonight I'm going to my friends house on 17th when I see this chick driving an M3 on rims with lo-pro tires, it was sweet. But then I hear this faint engine over my music and it's a yellow lambo, the new one, it passes me. Then I get right beside it at the lights by luck and look inside and this white guy in his mid-forties with grey goatee looks at me and smiles. Sweet car. I saw some lights above the rear view mirror, radar detector??

The car was surprisingly quiet though, I heard the were supposed to be loud even at idle.

So is there 2 in the city?

09-08-2002, 01:46 PM
Yeah, the diablos and countach's are ab-so-lu-te-ly fucking LOUD even at idle. A while back, I happened to pull up next to one at some lights, and my dashboard was vibrating from that thing! Nothing like a good old fashioned V-12 under the hood....

09-08-2002, 07:21 PM
Just saw a Countach today on MacLeod Trail South near Midnapore, fuggin sweet!!!
I wish I was going South intstead of North

09-08-2002, 11:56 PM
I saw a yellow Murcielago today on 5th avenue downtown.

hot blond chick in the passenger seat.

09-09-2002, 01:29 PM
Originally posted by Pacman
I saw a yellow Murcielago today on 5th avenue downtown.

hot blond chick in the passenger seat.

My Fiancee and I saw the same one last night, 40 year old guy driving it with a younger blonde in the passenger seat, this was about 7:30ish last night (I think we were on 5th ave too) I had to follow him for a bit just to stare at the car, unfrickinbelieveable!! :drool: gave him the thumbs up he sent one right back... such a hot car, and yes they are surprisingly quiet!