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02-08-2011, 01:37 AM
The 2010/2011 Calgary Sports car Club snowcone challenge finally lived up to its name in event 5. with more snow than any previous event and bitter cold weather to deal with competitors had to be 100% focused for the challenges that laid ahead of them. VEX performance showed up in full force for this event with both there FWD and AWD drivers on board ready to win, and SPEC R tires added a new driver in the FWD line up to add more depth in there racing endeavors. Event 5 was fast, flowing and full of little tests of patience. Underneath all that snow was slick ice. Add to the bitter cold weather and Event 5 was one challenge for the books.

AWD saw the VEX rally car ready for a serious shake down. after issues with the diffs and many nights working away fixing it, the problems hopefully were a thing of the past. Johnny S. proved once again why hes taken the championship 2 out of 3 years running a perfect event and placing 1st, almost a full 8 seconds faster. Rookie driver Eric E. took second place in his Subaru impreza, beating out 3rd place winner Cam W.

With the VEX SRT4 back from a suspension rebuild it was out in full duty not only winning FWD by a blistering 6 seconds, but it also took the fastest single run of the day. Orrin M. has driven this car immaculately and has no problems showing FWD that hes here for business. David G. in his Mazda protege took second place a perfect second place by over 2 seconds. Newly acquired driver for SPEC R, Ricky H. took 3rd place in his Honda.

RWD as we know is one of the hardest classes to compete in. This of course doesn't stop competitors from making a competition out of it. in a class with so few drivers, the spirit of competition is always overwhelming. The deep snow made this event a challenge but it didn't stop this group from coming out and making a statement. RWD was won by SPEC R driver Kyle H. in his Toyota corolla. a blistering 7 seconds faster than second place driver Spence C. who is showing in his rookie season that he has the skills to take on the big boys. 3rd place went to Gary L.


Johnny S
Mark L
Wim V

Murray P
David G
Orrin M

Kyle H
Gary L
Spence C

Event is Sunday (FEB 13 2011). This is the second half of the CSCC Snowcone challenge. drivers have been tweeking and looking for that edge to get them that top spot. Keep an eye on events 5-8 for the most exciting action in Calgary Rallycross!

We would like to welcome a new sponsor for the CSCC Snowcone Challenge. The Calgary Jazz Orchestra, and also to thank our other sponsors SPEC R Tires, VEX Performance, and also thank Ian G. for the terrific photos.

02-08-2011, 01:41 AM
forgot to mention.

OMNI TV was at the event filming. they will be showing the story on Friday night (feb 10) anytime from 9:00pm - 10:00pm and the repeat will be on the next day from 7:00am - 8:00am. OMNI is channel 4 on Shaw and channel 5 on Telus.