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01-11-2004, 02:17 AM
Oops, Sorry. This post was meant to be a reply to the thread "Peugeot Spotted"...
Oh well...

Europeans are able to bring their cars in as "settlers affects" much easier than we can import a European car.

I really like Peugeots. Citroens too - I really want an old D series Citroen. However they would just end up cluttering up my yard, being almost impossible to get parts for here.
You can still get parts for 504 and 505 Peugeots but you think your BMW or Mercedes are expensive to repair...the cost to repair a 505 would make you puke.

I own an Alfa. It is a toy that I have not driven more than seven times in four years. Parts are available through an avid enthusiasts following, and I have found everything I needed for my 1750 engine easily thru the informal group of Alfa nuts I know. I have now cherried the car out to where it is absolutely perfect. Not a speck of rust. The interior has now just been finished off. This thing took me 4 years, and it was very good when I bought it in 1999. Now that it is done I need another project.

I am very pleased to see Maserati bringing cars into N/A, and have heard that Alfa will bring the 160 in soon. However I am certain that Peugeot will not be re-opening their dealer network. Remember when they had a relationship with Chrysler (so did Renault) Apparently that was a very bad thing for the French. (Renault's fault for their Eagle abominations, and that woeful Fuego) Peugeot still smart from that fiasco. Chrysler's marriage with MB will certainly bode poorly for any relationship with other companies, save for perhaps Mitsubishi. GM/Saab/Opel/Subaru proves that US/Jap/Euro relationships can work, though.

The French are probably too proud.