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06-19-2011, 06:05 PM
My neighbor is selling his 2003 Pathfinder Chilkoot edition. Looks to be in very good condition as he takes good care of his vehicles.

This is the ad: http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-2003-Nissan-Pathfinder-Chilkoot-SUV-W0QQAdIdZ291591034

He has all maintenance papers, new clutch and tires. Vehicle shows well. Based on mileage 134,XXX kms and price $9150 obo, seems to be very reasonable.

I want to take it somewhere for an inspection, anything specific I should be looking for that should have been replaced. Other than the usual fluid changes, condition of brakes, regular wear and tear stuff.


06-19-2011, 06:14 PM
For the Pathfinder, since I own one and work at Nissan. These are the things that tend to go.

Rear oxygen sensors.
Blower motor heater resistor/power module.
Front/rear struts.

Also, I posted up a recall in the Nissan owners section in regards to the 98-2004 Pathfinder/QX4 because of strut tower housing rust that affects the steering shaft. So take a look at that.

My 02 Pathfinder LE has 121,000 on it so far from 4 years of owning it and its been a great vehicle to me. The only downside is the fuel consumption, full tank gets me 350-380kms on a tank which is horrible.

06-19-2011, 06:58 PM
Damn that fuel mileage alone makes me think twice! haha But it is a very nice looking vehicle.

06-19-2011, 07:06 PM
Why not get a G-wagon???

06-20-2011, 12:10 PM
Checked it out and it's very clean. Drives nice with lots of low end power. Smooth on the roads. Rock solid. Debating now.