View Full Version : FS: 42" panasonic dlp tv

07-17-2011, 04:55 PM
Family is finally looking to upgrade this TV in the main living area.

This is a 42" Panasonic DLP TV and has no dead spots or discoloration on the TV.

IT is currently still in used and it now seems that it is in need a bulb replacement. We use it daily and the only reason I know it needs a bulb replacement is there is a "please replace bulb" message displayed for 10 seconds as it is turn on, then disappears.
Controller is near mint to mint condition as it has been syran-wrapped since day one and replaced with new syran wrap when dirty.

I can more than likely deliver this item or at least bring it to you as I have a van that can transport it. IT is not two heavy so the regular two person life should be more than sufficient.

Looking to get around 200-250 for it OBO but not too low ball as I can sell it as a broken tv for part for about 75 bucks anyways haha

Pictures: (don't mind the scan lines too a picture with phone camera, there are none during actual viewing)