View Full Version : 6l powerstroke woes

07-26-2011, 10:43 AM
I had no idea oil changes were important to injector health. I'm guilty of waiting way to long before doing my last oil change, basically skipped one, before that i did them pretty regularly, and will be much more diligent with them from now on.
Now i want to know is there any way i can make it up to my truck, eg. a couple of quick oil changes and a bottle of "magic I' m sorry and I won't do it again stuff" that will clean things up and restore my performance.
My truck has got no guts. fuel mileage seems to be the same as always but I've got no power.
I had a guy hook his computer to it the other day and he said it is running hot and seems like the clutch fan is the problem with the heat issue. I'm not so sure because it runs the same temp around town or on the highway,at least by the stock temp gauge. I didn't think the fan would have any effect at 120k on the highway.
buddy who scanned truck with his laptop figures I need new injectors but he says the computer didn't really show that as a for sure.
using my diablo scanner that its chipped with ,60hp mid tune,I was getting several egr codes poo6a unknown po266 cyl. 2contribution/balance po266 cyl.6 contributoin/balance po401 egr flow insufficiant po404egr control curcuit po 405egr sensor a curcuit low

I did get around to doing my oil change a couple of weeks ago and when i just checked my codes again the cly 6 code has gone away. I also took out the egr valve and cleaned it up really well using my parts cleaner with varsol. that didn't seem to make any difference at all,still the same egr codes.
buddy who used his laptop to scan it figures the egr thing is not the problem ,I was thinking of doing a egr delete kit but he says probably not worth it just unplug it he says.

lots of problems ,lots of questions ,

Main question, is it worth doing another oil change right away and maybe a bottle of REV EX ? I read corsvette mentioning REV EX. where would I buy this stuff if I decide to try it ?I'm in edmonton so NADP is nearby not sure if they would carry it.