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12-27-2011, 06:20 PM
Hey Beyond,


To showcase some of the skills we have and what we have to offer - here's one of our ongoing project. Our own shop truck, a 1987 Nissan D21 Pickup. It's been in the Tan family for ages, and our shop truck for the past year.

On it's stock motor, it only had Dual 350Z exhausts on it. With that, we hauled so many engines, subframes, junk and more for our services here at Garagebox. Unfortunately we don't have a before picture - but the upcoming ones will tell you what we have done for a more... "funner" work truck.


I know, it looks like your average Nissan D21. A quick walk around:




Spray Bombed the OEM Tan color, and sporting a MINT interior, we thought it would be an awesome candidate for an SR20 swap.


Being SR20'd, the truck was so quick that the laggy shifter was replaced with a Skunk 2 short shifter, and extended the height for easier shifting. The truck literally squats and flexes as it accelerate. In future plans - we plan to brace the chassis so it can hold together. It's a stock SR20, however it was never meant to be in this truck. The exhaust is a one-off custom 4" piping from the exhaust manifold to dual tips we made. That being said, the brakes needed to be upgraded so we swapped the rear end with an LSD equipped Nissan Pathfinder rear end - this also allowed of for 4 wheel disc-brakes. We also had a custom driveshaft made for the truck, fully balanced.

The Truck now has alot more power, and has great braking power. It also needed tires, so a step up from the OEM 14" - to a classy fully polished (thanks Bob & Lorne at Urban Expressions!) OEM 15" Pathfinder rim not only gave us a nicer stance, but the truck also has a slightly larger footprint now. We also painted the inner lip side of the rim the same color of our outside Garagebox Sign, forest green to give it a unique look.

Lower profile tires were also put on to make the truck look nicer. The torsion bars up front were cranked low to level the truck and lower it more.

Inside, the truck sports a new - hand made by us fully functional gauge cluster:

And we 3M CF wrapped some things just to give it some character.

For ICE: A JDM small subwoofer from the boys at JDM Tuners and all 4 2-way speakers around to a CD Player. The truck also had HIDs as well as a full alarm and starter combo with door lock actuators which we installed. A modern approach.

Everything on this truck was custom made - the intercooler piping, brackets, exhaust and more. It's fun.

It's an awesome truck. Hope you enjoyed it. Keep a look out for the EL swap we have coming up. I'll be sure to post it up!

The Garagebox Team

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Yeah guy.

DO IT! :thumbsup:

12-27-2011, 06:40 PM
Always wanted to do an sr into a d21. Thats awesome. Good job.

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Amazing! Needs a photo shoot.

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Haha sweet project!

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I think I just saw this today in Cranston. Looks sweet! :drool:

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I see this car everyday at work! :D