View Full Version : Autodream: Link G4 Atom Sr20 Pnp Special

01-12-2012, 12:18 PM
Autodream's very own Link ECU based SR20 and S13 KA24 MAP based plug and play ECU.

Control all engine parameters with greater control, with faster processors, better injector drivers, and features that you could only dream of with your stock ECU:

-Boost Control (rpm AND gear dependant!)
-Launch Control (aka two-step)
-Anti-lag (build boost off the line!)
-Traction control (ensure that tire spin is kept at a minimum)
-Cooling fan output (get rid of that power sapping clutch fan!)
-Autotune (make tuning that much simpler)
-MAP sensor capability (NO MORE MAF!)

Installation of this ecu is a snap! No patch harnesses or complicated, and frustrating rewiring required!


Until January 31st 2012 we are selling the Standalone ECU, Plug and Play Harness, and Base map to get your SR20 started for:


Please Call, pm, or Email for details.

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