View Full Version : James Tunerworks Ride and Sale of the day 01/23/2012

01-23-2012, 12:40 PM
Hey Beyonders,

I thought we'd pull out a gorgeous Tunerworks project for the ride of the day. This beauty is featuring the HRE 944R in 20x95 and 20x11.5. To give this already gorgeous set of wheels a little something extra special, they are factory paint matched to give a flawless look all the way around. A true masterpiece!


For the sale of the day, we are offering re-balance's at half price! Winter wheels never quite felt right after taking them out of storage? Hit a nasty bump on the road? If your vehicle has a bit of a shimmy somewhere, now is a good time to get it looked after!

Book your appointment today and get 50% off!
***Appointments booked today must be within the month of January.***

Email [email protected] to book your appointment.