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01-26-2012, 03:39 AM
We are asked quite often on what to do for matte paints and matte wraps to properly care and protect them. Matte paints and wraps require a much different product than what traditional gloss paints would require and using traditional products will produce some very undesirable results and could permanently damage the finish.

Swissvax is currently the only manufacture that has created an entire process to clean, protect and maintain the matte paint finishes seen on some vehicles from Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Victory Motorcycles to name a few. Swissvax created these products for Lamborghini when the matte paint finishes were offered as an option around 4 years ago.

The Swissvax Opaque line consists of;

Swissvax Auto Bath Opaque (car wash shampoo) http://www.autoobsessed.com/shop/swissvax-bath-opaque-shampoo-matt-finish-paints-p-829.html
Swissvax Pre-Cleaner Opaque (pre-wax cleaner) http://www.autoobsessed.com/shop/swissvax-precleaner-opaque-p-826.html
Swissvax Opaque Wax http://www.autoobsessed.com/shop/swissvax-opaque-satin-matt-paints-50ml-p-819.html
Swissvax Quick Finish Opaque (quick detailer) http://www.autoobsessed.com/shop/swissvax-quick-finish-opaque-detailing-spray-satin-matt-pain-p-845.html

Here is a picture of a Harley Davidson gas tank with their Denim paint after we demonstrated the Swissvax Opaque system on it for a local Harley Davidson Dealership.


The results show a very consistent semi-gloss finish much richer than the side that was left untreated. Not only does the finish look better, there is a protection left on the paint that will make it easier to care for and will help in keeping the paints finish last longer.

We also carry a quick detailer created for matte paints and matte vinyl from Chemical Guys that is great for removing finger prints, water marks and light dust.

Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte (quick detailer) http://www.autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-meticulous-matte-detailer-16oz-p-1372.html