View Full Version : Reccomend me a bike!!

02-28-2012, 05:15 PM
Looking to get in to biking more this summer... Im a pretty big guy, 6`0 about 215lbs (no im not getting one to loose weight im looking just strictly for something to do) so I need something with a 19.5inch frame or bigger. I want something that would be comfortable to take on cement paths or off road (Do not need full suspension a hard tial would be fine) Has to have a comfortable front shock and something that I REALLY like is having a larger stem so I dont have to be so hunched over.

My budget is about $1000 max... How are Specialized hardtails? Can anybody give me some links to the bikes they reply with and reason for choosing that one? Ive been to ridleys several times but they are mainly a Trek dealer. Yet to check out bow cycle or any other places..

02-28-2012, 05:34 PM
i'd check out a hybrid if its mainly for pathway. if you want to do some more riding off road i'd reccomend a hard tail 29'er mtn bike, would be efficient on the pathway and great offroad.

bow cycle carries the largest selection of bikes btw. and id recommend a bike like a rockhopper 29'er, cannondale trail or a norco charger. im about the same size as you and i find the 29'er geometry way better suited for my size. don't worry too much about the stem because we can fit you to something that will suit your body build.

02-29-2012, 08:40 AM
Specialized makes some awesome bikes. I have 4 in my garage. 1000 bucks might get you into an entry level stumpjumper hardtail. I'm 6'0 as well and I ride regular 26" bikes and the geometry is fine. 29'ers are just a different kind of bike. Roll faster and easier over stuff, but are harder to get going. If you're planning on doing more offroading then on, get a mountain bike with a set of slick tires that you can swap if you're going to ride the pathways. Otherwise, if you're on the paths more then the dirt, get a hybrid.