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03-20-2012, 03:12 PM

I'm driving out to the Oakaganan from Calgary for Easter weekend and was wondering about the mandatory winter tires until April.30th.

I'm taking my winter tires with studs off at the end of March. I'm going to be putting on my BF Goodrich Traction M&S tires. Are these good enough to appease the police out there? I don't want to run into a "you shall not pass" scenario. It seems kind of ambiguous in the law in that maybe a mud & snow is ok or maybe not...

Yes I could just keep the studded winters on, but honestly on dry pavement they sound like a WW11 Panzer tank.

Any thoughts? Prefer to hear from Oakanagan members.

Are there any regulations in B.C. that deal with winter tires?

See BC Motor Vehicle Act - (Chapter 318 - Part 3)

Safety equipment

208 (1) For the purpose of this section, “winter tire” means a tire that is

(a) advertised or represented by its manufacturer or a person in the business of selling tires to be a tire intended principally for winter use, and that provides, or is designed to provide, adequate traction in snow or mud;

03-20-2012, 03:17 PM
I've always driven through bc with all seasons. Never been stopped.

03-20-2012, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by HomespunLobster
I've always driven through bc with all seasons. Never been stopped.

Same...my mom got me all paranoid about it now lol. She emailed me a little reminder, I don't know if this is a new law or what :dunno: I just don't want to have to do the drive of shame home if I get stopped by a stickler rcmp officer. :thumbsdow

03-20-2012, 03:23 PM
I would just leave the winters on until you get back, you don't want to be messing around on the interior highways given the colder than usual & snowier than usual weather in the region lately.

Blizzard here in Nanaimo today... first day of spring. It didn't stick, but I seriously could not see the end of the parking lot out the window... lol...

Just leave 'em on. You will probably run into snow on the #1 passes between Lake Louise & Revelstoke.

03-20-2012, 03:27 PM
I should note that there isn't really a mandatory winter tire law... just that some highway passes require you to have winter tires or carry chains during the cold months.

I believe you are just told you cannot drive in that area without winter tires if you are caught. Never heard of this being enforced though.

If there was a mandatory winter tire law in BC, the majority of people would be bitching as most live on the south coast and there is definitely not enough snowfall to warrant their use. In fact, chains are a better option in the wet snow out here than winter tires.

03-20-2012, 03:27 PM
If you are actually worried, just carry around a set of chains... Law is either winter tires or chains on hand.

But as stated above, leave them on. Rogers Pass can still get VERY dicey this time of year.

03-20-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally posted by Hallowed_point

Same...my mom got me all paranoid about it now lol. She emailed me a little reminder, I don't know if this is a new law or what :dunno: I just don't want to have to do the drive of shame home if I get stopped by a stickler rcmp officer. :thumbsdow

The 'S' designation in 'M&S' is good enough. There's only a few spots on the highways that the law even comes into effect, and are disignated by signs. If your that scared, throw some chains in the trunk.


03-20-2012, 03:41 PM

Hmmm doesn't look like M&S designation meets the cut :banghead:

03-20-2012, 03:52 PM
Really think you're being over-paranoid here. I've driven through BC dozens and dozens of times in the winter, and have only been pulled over twice. Both times, the RCMP didn't mention winter tires at all (although one commented my aftermarket steering wheel was illegal, but didn't ticket me, just mentioned)

03-20-2012, 04:56 PM
Never had an issue... well not with cops anyway, I hit a blizzard with dedicated summer tires on at 1:30am at night... that really didn't go well. I might admit to some poor judgement on that one.

03-20-2012, 05:37 PM
Being from BC and having been in the tire business for years in BC I can say there is not really a law regarding winter tires, but they do have the signs in passes asking for winter tires beyond a certain point, BUT, that is something that they don't really fine you over. Usually it is weather dependent. Basically if the weather is bad, sometimes the cops will sit at the entrance to passes and check your tires and send you through or back depending whether or not you are prepared, but even that is pretty rare... I only remember a few times seeing that happen.

Also, if you were to get in an accident in terrible winter conditions, and you were not on winter tires and they attribute that to a cause of the accident, they could ticket you then, but again, that is not a common occurrence.

Basically I wouldn't sweat a ticket, but that said if you have winters on, leave them for a trip to BC... Those road conditions change fast!

03-20-2012, 05:46 PM
I lived in the area for many years. I drove a Supra and a Z28 - both with bald (I mean BALD) tires at one point. Never had an issue.... except for the fact I could barely keep the cars on the road.

(And for those going to bitch at me - I was young and couldn't afford new tires right away. I'd never do that now.)

03-20-2012, 06:24 PM
If the tires were not studded, I wouldn't really care and would probably keep them on. It's just they get annoying clicking away on dry pavement :banghead: x1400 k round trip lol. Also, sketchy for traction when your putting the power down..and lets face it I wanna have a little fun on the drive out ;)

I think I'm going to roll the dice on this one and giver with my all seasons.

Thanks for the advice!!