View Full Version : '99 S10 ex. cab stepside, ZQ8 sport package

03-26-2012, 05:07 PM



Its a '99 S10 with the ZQ8 sport handling package.

Bought it last year in Swift Current as a little runabout truck for my dad at his farm (a lot cheaper to use this then our '05 crewcab F350 diesel, for getting parts).
It has the gutless 2.2L 4cyl, along with the 5 speed T5 tranny. Hoping to find a lower ratio rear end as the 4:10 in there right now makes the engine sit at 3250 just to do 120 on the highway, which kills the fuel economy.

Nicely equipped with Cruise, Air and that sort of shit.
Originally being a '99 it came with these wheels.


I really wanted that newer style, so after seeing an ad on another forum with a '02 S10 that was being parted out; I traded the old wheels plus cash for the ones that are on there now. I think it looks quite a bit better. With the ZQ8 package along with these much wider new rims/tires it handles quite well. I can take cloverleafs & on-ramps about 20-15kph slower then I would in my old Z4 (also on here in the BMW section). Which is not bad at all for a truck.

Great little minitruck! But I have some body work to do. Being a Sask truck they use *stupid* amounts of salt on the roads when it snows, so there are rust bubbles starting up over the rear wheel arches. That and the topper & front bumper need to be repainted as you can tell.
All in good time I guess.