View Full Version : WTB: EF Hatch Parts

06-15-2012, 06:36 PM
I have a 91 Civic SI.

Hit a deer on the highway the other night (wasn't speeding, fortunately just clipped it).

Pic on twitter: http://t.co/N3h9xqpR

Anyhow need parts for fix, will go to pnp mostly probably but I'd rather keep money in the community and probably get better quality Parts anyway.

Broken and need:

LF fender (actually I need l&r CRX fenders as I swapped my front clip and haven't switched fenders yet and I have a gap)
Engine under cover plastic
Maybe LF fender under piece
LF headlight assy. & bulbs
LF signal from CRX (seen other thread thx)
LF marker light assy. (will buy a pair of clear markers)
CRX bumper lip
Metal piece between hood and front bumper clip

Ps. Need other stuff not related to the incident too but obv not as high priority.