View Full Version : fs: MSD ignition and a/f monitor system

07-06-2012, 10:15 AM
Hey guys,

I have a bunch of brand new parts I aquired from a Beyond member some time ago, and now that I'm pretty much out of the sporty car scene it is time to let them go. All these prices are considerably less than retail from what I've found online:

NGK Powerdex AFX Air Fuel Monitor System
Brand new in box.
Digital Display
Measures from 9-16 ratios.
Response and accuracy within 0.1 AFR
Part # 91101

MSD Ignition Wires - 8.5mm 8cyl
Still in box. Part #31239.

MSD Ignition Control Box - 6T Track model

Blaster Coil
Part #8222.

Ford MSD distro cap - $15.00

Although it will never be found in this ad, I also have a pair of outer tie rods for a WJ Grand Cherokee for $30.00 - also brand new.