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rage2 adding to his collection?

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That watch is questionable. It's "unworn", and the only thing linking it to McQueen is a receipt of the watch sold brand new to the production company. Someone is taking a HUGE gamble.

The other watch that's certified to be the watch worn by McQueen in Lemans sold a few years ago for ~200k if I remember right.

So either this was an unused watch for the production making the watch worth a lot less, or McQueen wore more than 1 blue Monaco 1133b during production and the watch is worth 800k.

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Forgetting about the price tag, that is one sweet watch

08-02-2012, 11:57 AM
Gorgeous watch, but damn 800k is way too expensive.

08-02-2012, 01:20 PM
Originally posted by rage2

Wow. You'd think even if blowing 800K on a watch was no big deal that you'd want it to be verified to protect your investment! :eek:

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Originally posted by Euro_Trash
Forgetting about the price tag, that is one sweet watch
You can get a Heuer 1133b with the later Calibre 12 movement that's not associated with McQueen for about $8-12k depending on condition. A full on service of the movement will set you back another $1k or so. Add another $5k if it's a "first gen" Calibre 11 movement. So ya, the McQueen name adds a LOT to the value.

Oddly enough, the re-editions are worth more, unworn ones selling for around $13-15k range when they show up on the market. Helps that only 1000 were made.