View Full Version : FS:1G DSM garage cleanup.

08-11-2012, 12:33 PM
Moving soon and need to get rid of some stuff. I have the following available, also if you are looking for something specific, ask I may have it. Also keep in mind everything is OBO. Prices are mostly a formality.

3 fwd manual transmissions (1 n/a, 2 turbo), all ran fine as far as I know.aside find a possible grind in 3rd on one of them. - $100 each

2 heads, both are good for rebuilding. 1 is complete, the other needs a few valves. - $75 for the complete one, $50 for the other one

1 1ga 7 bolt bottom end(out of a 93). Turns easily with no binding etc. minor valve contact from timing belt breaking. Wasn't turned over at all after losing tb.
- $75

3 Ecu's ( 2 n/a, one turbo). Not EPROM that I can tell.

91 laser rs turbo shell. Good interior and some good body parts. Grey on grey. Even has the cargo cover. - $best offer

Thats it for the bigger stuff. Like i said before anything small or whatever feel free to ask. Parts are located near lethbridge. I am heading to Calgary next Saturday (aug 18) and can bring stuff up. Let me know.