View Full Version : FS: RX8 parts: OEM recaro, ARC intake, mazdaspeed exhaust

09-02-2012, 09:10 PM
Car got written off due to hail damage.... Took off a few parts before the car was taken away.

For sale is ONE Black Recaro from S2 RX8. I have had it for a year.

It's a complete top and bottom cushion, it WILL fit your OEM S1 power seats bracket (see pics). It does not come with any brackets.

The recaros are lightyears better than the oem GT seats. Makes driving a completely different experience.

$600 OBO + shipping.



OEM S2 Recaro is not powered, but your S1 bracket is, its a direct fit.

Light wear on the exit side bolster, no tears.


Also got an axemod for sale, used for 1 year, works perfectly.

40$ shipped.



ARC Induction box, discontinued. People have been having problems with it on idle because of the maf sensor. But all you need to do is add a metal screen before the pipe and it'll work perfectly. Sounds absolutely amazing.



Mazdaspeed Dual Canister Exhaust, used for 4 years.

$200, perfer pickup its pretty huge.