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Its that time of the year again!!!

Avoid the lineup and chaos that comes with the first snowfall, SpecR Motorsports offers full tire services to help you prepare for winter. Want to order now but don't want them installed yet? We’ll stock your order till you’re ready.

We carry more than 30 brands of tires and we can recommend the most suitable choice for your winter application. .

Studded Winter Tires: - definitely the best option to combat our bitter winter weather. Most think its not necessary to run studded tires in Calgary winter, however, studded tires can penetrate deep snow and ice to give you the best traction. The driving dynamic and confidence from studded tires is like no other. Of course, the offset is its noise level and cost. but the added noise level is minimum compares to your aftermarket exhaust.


Studless Ice & Snow - most popular type of winter tires in Calgary, definitely offers the best value.


Performance and Run Flat winter- Tire designed more for light snow weather. While we would not recommend to use them under deep snow and icy conditions. They offer excellent grip in cold and dry weather. If you want to still be able to drive your performance car during the nicer days of winter, then they are the perfect compromise.


Winter tires and wheels combo:

Tired of swapping back and forth from your summers to winters? Get a set of quality dedicated winter wheels. It’ll pay itself off after 2 seasons. We offer many quality wheels for your application: From Sparco, Enkei, Sportline, MSW to simple steel wheels, contact us for more info!


Mounting and Balancing

We use top of the line equipment, and a fully licensed mechanic shop to provide the top notch customer service you are looking for. Contact us for pricing on mount/balance and appointments. We welcome any last min appointment requests, so even if you are not prepared, we’ll try our best to accommodate and have your vehicle ready for the winter.

In your pm, please use the following template for quotes so we can get back to your more efficiently:

Phone number:
Size (leave blank if unknown):


Price quotes: PM

Appointments: email Kyle at [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

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All PMs replied. Thanks

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Excellent pricing/Customer Service. Will definately come back! :thumbsup: