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11-07-2014, 10:41 PM
An introduction to the 'Mechanical Mod'

A mechanical mod essentially is a custom machined battery holder with a firing button. Usually on the bottom.
Most of the buttons are magnetic.

The top is machined with a 510 thread - a universal attachment thread for almost all atomizers on the market.

Today we have the 'King Mod' featuring a TOBH atty v2.5 and a samsung high drain battery. Rated for 25 amp continuous and 100 amp high drain.

The King Mod has a bottom fire flush mount switch with a reverse thread lock out switch.

The Mod has the ability to use multiple sizes of batteries.
All depending on your preference of size.
Most common is the 18650, but is useable with a 18350 and 18490.

The TOBH atty atomizer is a very popular dripping style design, tried and true. Easy to install coils and wicks. Easy use for adjusting airflow.
A great feature of this unit is the top comes off and you can install a chuff tip/wide bore tip meant for cloud chasing









Needed for this set up:

King Mod - $30 (currently on sale)
TOBH atty V2.5 - $32
Kanthal 28ga - $10 (30ft)
Sheseido Cotton - $7 (10 pcs)
Samsung 18650 - $15 (we have the LG battery for $14.50)
2 bay charger - $20

Total set up: $114 + gst and e-juice


Youtube training on building and wicking coils,.. or just come down and ask,.. we have a build station and will give as much help as you need as long as we are free.

All of our e-juices are:

plastic 30ml - $17
glass 30ml - $20

(depending how you vape,.. this could last you 3-7 days)

** the King Mod and TOBH Atty v2.5 are clones, otherwise this set up would cost you well over $200