View Full Version : fs: new Mopar front brake pads for a Ram 250 87-92

03-20-2015, 08:27 PM
Hey guys just clearing out the shed at the farm when I noticed we had these left over for our old '92 Ram D 250. These are brand new (still in the box) OEM Dodge front brake pads, they may fit other models and years, but without a database, I have little way of knowing for sure. FYI, ours was a Cummins, not too sure if that makes a difference.

The part number on the box is V1011777 so just use that if you have any doubts as whether it'll work on yours.

Price? New is about $90 (probably more), I think $50 is fair, again these are new brake pads. Just message me on here and we'll go from there. I'm in the south, close to the Deerfoot inn and casino, but I also work close to Chinook center.