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04-28-2015, 06:57 PM
Auto Obsessed is proud to deliver Chemical Guys auto detailing products to customers across Canada.

Our Story: Chemical Guys and Auto Obsessed in Canada

When Auto Obsessed was starting in 2010, Chemical Guys was already a well-established brand in professional auto detailing. We picked them as one of our core brands because they were a "one stop shop" where we could go for shampoos, quick detailers, waxes, sealants and interior cleaning products. Chemical Guys was producing a wide variety of premium detailing products for sale at reasonable prices. That was the win-win we needed!

Today, Auto Obsessed is proud to be Canada's largest supplier of Chemical Guys car care products. If you need something for your detailing kit, check our available stock using the Chemical Guys page on our online store. (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-m-20.html)

Our customers in Canada like Chemical Guys for the depth of their product line and the consistent detailing results their products deliver. We invite you to try some best-selling Chemical Guys products like Mr. Pink Shampoo (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-pink-p-1740.html), Citruswash + Gloss (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-citruswash-gloss-16oz-p-934.html), jetSEAL 109 Sealant (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-jetseal-109-super-p-524.html)and Speed Wipe Quick Detailer (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-speed-wipe-quick-detailer-p-518.html).

Please call us (780-229-0732) or order online when you need Chemical Guys detailing supplies:
Auto Obsessed Chemical Guys Products Page (http://autoobsessed.com/shop/chemical-guys-m-20.html)
Auto Obsessed Chemical Guys Story (http://www.autoobsessed.com/chemical-guys-canada.html)