View Full Version : 2GS/aristo/4AGE 20V garage clean out - free misc oem parts

04-24-2016, 07:49 PM
Have some 2GS stuff sitting around, everything is free:

edit: only stuff left is :
-OEM wing, black, includes LED brake light, some scuffs

-LED outer tails, the type with thick clear strip on bottom. Parking light setting on passgr side is shorting out and blows fuses. Could possibly be repaired or they could be used in a DIY taillight project. All the LEDs light up fine and lenses are in great condition. Comes with chromed signal bulbs (no egg yolk)

4AGE 20v parts:

-OEM AE111 (blacktop) ECU, if you have a silvertop you can convert to open ITBs using this and a MAP sensor - $20

PM me