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06-12-2016, 01:47 PM
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Klima Fresh neutralizer is specially formulated to tackle problems due to moisture accumulation in vehicle ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Professionally designed to eliminate odors at the source instead of merely covering up foul smells, Klima Fresh brings back a clean, fresh-air smell to vehicle ventilation and AC systems.

Excellent for cigarette-smoke, mildew and mold odor removal.

Use to freshen-up older cars and trucks.

Klima Fresh cleans and disinfects your Air Conditioning System and effectively removes any unpleasant odours. Bacteria, spores, mould and micro organisms are eliminated and long term protection against their regeneration is guaranteed. This cleaning technology provides fresh, clean and healthy air inside the vehicle. Even equipment, upholstery and carpets are disinfected, refreshed and deodorised. It optimises cooling performance and extends the life of the A/C System. Klima Fresh is non-toxic, anti-allergic and uses a non-flammable propellant