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09-24-2018, 08:31 PM

The 1979 Lil Red Express project has progressed since 2018.

As a first step, I have decided to focus on bringing the truck back to it being complete and correct. The Lil Red Express has the original motor, external chrome and is about 90 % complete and correct. Over the past year, the correct factory 8-track radio (OEM Part # 3501 458), Adventurer 150 emblems, spare tire carrier hardware and a few other items have been obtained. I am now currently researching in my spare time some NOS (New Old Stock) correct factory Mopar parts to bring the truck back to a point where it is real nice again in memory of my Dad.

Thanks for reading.
Darcy Bast



Here is my story about a 1979 Lil Red Express.

It was approximately in 1988 when my dad and I purchased this 1979 Lil Red Express. Actually, it was my dad that purchased the Lil Red Express at my insistence and relentlessness, because I was very young at the time and had no extra spare money. Over the years, the Lil Red Express Truck was maintained, driven sparingly on occasion and always parked outside in the Canadian elements. Since my dad passed away in 2007, the Lil Red Express has not been driven. In mid 2018, I obtained garage space for the Lil Red Express. I have been recently thinking about doing some work on the Lil Red Express. At this point, I am not exactly sure on the direction or plan for the truck, but my aim is to bring the truck back to a point where it is real nice again in memory of my Dad.

The photo below of the Lil Red Express was taken in August 2018 and the truck has been virtually untouched since 1988.

Thanks for reading.
Darcy Bast