View Full Version : Anyone here accredited in Change Management? (CCMP or ACM-Master)

04-13-2021, 05:25 PM
I'm considering the two above credentials to augment my existing Supply Chain accreditations worldwide as well as my MBA.

Curious if there are any Beyonders who have pursued a certification/accreditation in Change Management and what your thoughts were.

I was also looking for a current electronic copy of Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) published in 2017 by the Change Management Institute to see what's required in their competency model for ACM-Mastery.


04-13-2021, 05:32 PM
cjblair your team must have someone like this?

04-13-2021, 06:14 PM
I have not heard of these and I recommend not pursuing this.

04-13-2021, 06:17 PM
I have not heard of these and I recommend not pursuing this.

You must spread...

04-13-2021, 06:36 PM
Just don't whatever I did.

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04-13-2021, 06:55 PM
I have not heard of these and I recommend not pursuing this.


04-13-2021, 07:02 PM
I have my prosci, got it through work, also have done some work based out of the kotter model. I *don’t* recommend it if you just want to get into change management specifically, those people can be a bit...strange. I did find it was a good accompaniment to my pmp and general business skills as you can throw a model in here or there, and add the verbiage to your resume / presentations with higher ups so people see you have a “change management view” on what you are doing.

I wouldn’t pay for prosci on my own, it was ungodly expensive and hosted out of the rim rock in Banff. Unsurprisingly, there were a half dozen government employees in my class.

04-13-2021, 08:44 PM
finboy - thanks for the input. I believe Prosci is CCMP accredited, I looked into their program and was curious as to how recognized it would be outside the US vs. the CMI accreditation of ACM. I've read that the CCMP is more IT CM-focused compared to other designations.

I was mainly looking at the CM designations to "validate/make official" my CM experience as it pertains to the realm of PSCM. Surprisingly, the CCMP and ACM are MUCH less costly than any of my Supply Chain credentials. I had also looked into getting my PMP as well, as I have all the actual experience from the PM perspective, but being that my focus in PSCM has been more strategic and at the organizational level, I'm not sure if the PMP will really add much.

04-13-2021, 09:50 PM
PMP is more recognizable from my experience, with the prosci usually more recognized by people with a background in management consulting. For me the tools were pretty common sense but being able to show a few more letters and highlight how/where I used them is more important. Like the pmp, SCMp, etc. There are a lot of plugs out there who got the letters but are useless. Ultimately how you show your application of the skills/tools will get you past the open door.

04-13-2021, 11:23 PM
It's funny. In my world I do Change Management after hours for the actual Change Management team. I didn't do any special courses or anything for it besides a 30 min tutorial on how to use the CM software.

04-14-2021, 07:49 AM
cjblair your team must have someone like this?

Yeah lots of our people have done change management work at some point, but it's kind of a tertiary skill. We treat it the same as project management skills, in that they're "table stakes" type skills that everyone needs to be good at. I don't know anyone that would provide useful info; I would assume the only people that have these accreditations might be a small handful that facilitate training and stuff.

FWIW, I'm with ThePenIsMightier, unless there is a specific job OP is targeting that lists the specific accreditation as a requirement.

04-14-2021, 10:18 AM
I have a CCMP certificate.

It did come in handy when I was relocating a small manufacturing business in the UK, but other than that I've not come across much use for it!

04-17-2021, 04:51 PM
haggis88 - which organization did you do the CCMP accreditation through? Is it an actual designation or a certificate?