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10-06-2002, 02:32 AM
Have a car or bike, and want to understand nitrous systems better?
Want to build your own Nitrous kit/system from scratch?

I know of a guy named John Williamson who has learned to make his own nitrous kits for bikes and cars.-=WARNING=-Only try to make the kits if you understand the directions he offers. Even he had to learn from his mistake. Read his little story:

"Unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire in my workshop. Along with loads of my skin. The garage actually blew up, due to me not having a fuel tap. I removed the turbo carb to re-jet it and plugged the fuel line with a screwdriver. (No tap, for flow reasons) I left the building for an hour, and a full tank of Avgas/petrol had spilled on the floor as the screwdriver/plug had fell out. I stepped back in and instinctively flicked on the strip lights switch, realized I could smell lots of fuel and looked down. There was a thick fog of fuel vapour about 2 feet deep! And I was splashing about in liquid fuel on the floor. I immediately realised the danger just as the central heating boiler came on on its time switch. This also lived in the garage! BOOM! Loads of more booms later, (welding gear/nitrous bottles, lots of 5 gallon drums of Avgas etc) no garage left, doors, windows, roof all blown off walls/base cracked and tools and bike mostly melted. I only just made it out, because the side door was blown away, as it would not open! Landed in hospital for a few months! Life's fun at times. Still, moving on...

Check out his site at:

:drool: http://www.dynopower.freeserve.co.uk/nitrous_oxide :drool: