View Full Version : Advice concerning cutting a chrome bumper

The Real Batman
04-20-2004, 10:15 PM
I am considering installing two halogen 'back-up' lights inside my rear bumper. The bumper is chrome and the lights are about 6" long by 2" high (approximately).

Is is difficult to cut the holes into the bumper? Will it damage the chrome? Can you recommend a shop to do it?

Thanks for your help!

04-21-2004, 09:07 AM
It's going to rust where you make the cut. Your best bet would be to use a hole saw to make a clean hole, then either use something to seal the bare metal or re-plate it. If you don't the rust will get under the chrome and it'll just start peeling off.

You might want to get some sort of gromet to go around the hole to cover the mess the sealant might make.