View Full Version : 1992 Ford Crown Victoria

05-01-2004, 08:38 AM

http://redline.mobia.net/newcrownvic/newcrownvic.html (Tons Of Pics here)

'92 Crown Vic LX (luxo crap)
'96 4.6 OHC Long block
Ghetto ass cold air intake: http://www.budgetperformance.com/articles/crownvic_cai/ (Article)
215/70/15's all around (bling!) Hehe

Future plans:
Underdrive pulleys (in the mail)
True Duals (to be welded up soonish)
4.56:1 Rear gears (in the mail) with Posi or locker

More future:
Twin turbos! :)

- Rasmus