View Full Version : Should I use Diamondbrite?

06-17-2004, 10:35 PM
Hi everyone. I am in the process of buying a car and the dealer has offered me a car protectant called Diamonbrite. The dealer speaks very highly of the product, but I am wanting to hear from people who have used the product to see what their experience has been.

Any comments and advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bianca.

06-17-2004, 11:20 PM
Dont fall for that "dealer installed options" bullshit. Its a scam. There really isn't a miracle paint protection out there. Save your money and just wax and polish your car every year.

06-18-2004, 12:54 AM
LOL that is the biggest farce I've heard in a long time! This is also the first I've heard of dealers offering car care products with a car purchase! what kind of option is that anyways!? lol please don't buy into that, if you really wanted it why could you not just buy it yourself later?! besides, like Nismo says, just wax and polish your car once or twice a year yourself...if the dealer is saying this protectant will last a long time he's a damn liar! your going to want to wax your own car to protect it once a twice a year for the entire time you own the car anyways. And if it's a matter of you not wanting to or having the time to take care of the car yourself, you can always take it to a detailing shop once a year to do all this for you.