View Full Version : My Ride - 1988 Subaru 4WD L-Series Wagon

07-26-2004, 12:39 AM
Well kids, here's my Phat ride.

It's a Subabru L-Series 1988 Wagon.
I've had her for 7 years and drivin it into the ground. Still holding together, though the stereo is worth more than the car, as would be the $$ it would cost to repair/replace the suspension, battery, exhaust, and thermostat that all need doing. Anyway - she's fun to drive! You cartainly "feel" like you're going fast, and she sounds like she's going fast. The best bit is you'll never get a speeding ticket! heh heh.

It's many mods are too many to list. The most noteworthy would be the hole inm the exhaust which makes it sound like a WRX. There's also some alternator whine through the speakers when you have the headlights on, giving the impression she's supercharged too!

Enjoy. Feel free to write to me if you'd like more details on how your car can indeed be CUSTOMISED to look as t0ta||y [email protected] as dis prize example.